Here are the additional software option in-case you missed them. 

Additional ecu software modifications can be made at extra cost on top of a tune or on there own, it's up to you. 

These options are: 

  • DPF software removal. Part of a DPF solution. can be carried out on its own or with a an Ecu performance tune.
  • EGR software deletion. Physical blanking where required is part of a package deal or can be carried out with an Ecu performance tune. 
  • Vmax speed limiter removal. This applies mainly to German cars and vans. 
  • DTC deletion. We are able to delete certain fault codes from the ecu software enabling the car to run without going into limp mode/ eml light on.
  •  Secondary 02 sensor removal if u are running secondary cat or primary cat deletes. 
  • Swirl flap removal (again physical blanks and removal incurs parts and labour).
  • Anything else you just ask!‚Äč

These extras are available on all tuning stages or purely as reliability modifications. E.g DPF deletion removal is available without addition tuning. A free stage 1 remap will be offered as part of our DPF solution.