Car Diagnostics Weston super Mare

As the leading garage for car diagnostics in West super Mare, we offer a comprehensive service for all makes and models. Using state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostics technology such as Autel, Launch and Vagcom, we can accurately pinpoint faults with your ride. If you have noticed warning lights illuminated on your instrument board or you feel like something is not quite right, get in touch for a professional service you can trust.

Engine Diagnostics Services

Our engine diagnostics services provide a quick and effective way of finding faults with your vehicle. We use market-leading technology to scan the ECU. Our equipment precisely identifies issues and when used in conjunction with our manual diagnostics tools and techniques, we can go above and beyond to ensure we offer a highly accurate diagnostics service. Our service is available for a competitive price and once we have the results, we can advise on the best repair solutions to get your car back into top condition.

So how does it work?

Modern cars are manufactured with an engine control unit (ECU) which is linked up to multiple sensors within the vehicle that feed data to the ECU. If there is a fault, the sensors send a message to the ECU which triggers an error code causing the lights to illuminate on the instrument panel.

Although a dash light may be triggered, the underlying cause could relate to a multitude of error codes. There are hundreds of possible error codes so it is important to use an expert team, like us, for engine management services that can decipher codes to find out specific information about the indicated fault(s).

Our equipment scans the engine control unit to identify all the fault codes for an in-depth diagnostic service. Common ECU fault codes can include warnings about issues with the engine, fluid levels, misfiring, ignition, evaporative emission control, catalytic convertor issues, brakes, power steering, cluster faults, pump failures and so on. If you notice unexpected lights illuminating on your dash, then bring your car to us for ECU diagnostics. Our equipment thoroughly analyses data within the ECU to determine the problem. It is important that you don’t ignore warning lights on the dash as this may cause the problem to deteriorate further which could lead to expensive repair bills in the long term.

Why Choose Us for Vehicle Diagnostics?

Frequnetly Asked Questions

One of the main reasons to get your car inspected by a team with the necessary engine diagnostic equipment is to ensure that any problems are detected as soon as possible. You risk making the situation worse and more expensive if you put off getting inspections and repairs.

To check for vehicle sensor issues, a car diagnostic check is performed. There are hundreds of various sensors on today’s cars and finding a fault that is displayed on your dashboard might be tricky, thus a car diagnostic check would be required to determine the fault code.

A typical diagnostic test can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Depending on the severity of the issue or if there are several underlying concerns, more complex issues that require additional diagnosis and where components must be removed for access or testing can take 2-3 hours.

Car Diagnostics Near Me

If you have warning lights on your dash or you suspect your car has an issue but you can’t put your finger on it, then call us now to book your vehicle in for expert car diagnostics in Weston super Mare at low prices. We can scan your vehicle while you wait and advise on all aspects of vehicle repairs.

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