Car Tuning Weston Super Mare

If you want to improve the performance of your vehicle, then speak to us about our professional car tuning in Weston super Mare. We provide chip tuning that is tailored to exactly what you want. We can offer excellent gains in torque and power and we also believe in safe and sensible tuning that is within the vehicle’s capabilities. In our view, there’s no point chasing the numbers if it isn’t reliable or driveable! All our tuning comes complete with a lifetime warranty against software malfunctions and we backup and store the original software and mapping just in case you want to revert back to original settings in the future. For further information or to get a quote, then get in touch today.

ECU Tuning

Electronic engine tuning allows you to increase engine performance and power while enhancing driving comfort. We provide various stages of ECU tuning, ranging from Stage 1 to Stage 3 and we can also offer economy tuning. As part of our service, we can provide additional software upgrades depending on your needs.

Why Chip Tune?

Manufacturers produce cars with default ECU settings set to a particular region to help the vehicles comply with general regulations for safety standards and emissions. The default settings can be restrictive to the vehicle’s performance and this is where professional chip tuning comes in. Chip tuning allows you to unlock the potential of your vehicle to suit your driving style, handling requirements and general conditions. The number of tweaks that can be performed on the ECU is seemingly limitless. For example, you can increase power, torque, tweak fuel and ignition maps, remove throttle restrictions, and adjust fuel injection, spark timing and the anti-lock braking system, just to name a few!

ECU Tuning Stages Explained

Different ECU tuning stages are outlined below. Before we carry out any remapping, we always ensure to perform a full diagnostic health check and data log to make sure that the vehicle is operating correctly with no issues present such as transmission, engine and ABS issues that could undermine the tuning process.

Additional Software Modifications

Additional ECU software modifications can be made at extra cost on top of a tune or on their own, it’s up to you.

Options include:

These extras are available on all tuning stages or purely as reliability modifications. For example, DPF deletion removal is available without additional tuning. A free Stage 1 remap will be offered as part of our DPF solution.

Your vehicle is capable of so much more than the default factory ECU settings allow. So, if you are looking to increase performance, power, fuel efficiency and more, then it is well worth considering.

Tuning will void the engine’s warranty and could also void other aspects of your vehicle’s warranty including the gearbox and clutch.

We recommend notifying your insurance company of any modifications as it could affect your premiums and your insurance policy may become void if you do not declare it.

Yes. We always store a backup of the original map. As a result, if you change your mind at any time, we can reprogram the default settings.

Car Tuning Near Me

If you are searching for a reliable auto technician to perform car tuning in Weston super Mare, get in touch to discuss your needs. We are happy to share our knowledge and advise on the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

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