DPF Cleaning Weston super Mare

Has your vehicle gone into limp mode? Do you have a warning light on your dash relating to your diesel particulate filter? If so, contact us for expert DPF cleaning in Weston super Mare. We use the latest technology to diagnose faults such as faulty sensors and clean the particulate filter so it works like new. Our prices are competitive and are performed by fully trained technicians for a service you can trust. Contact us now to book your vehicle in at a time to suit you.

How Can I tell if my DPF Needs Cleaning?

As well as warning lights appearing on your dash, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for before the warning light may appear, to indicate that your vehicle needs its DPF filter cleaned. They include:

DPF Cleaning Process

With our specialist diesel particulate filter cleaning equipment and highly trained technicians, we can clean your filter, reset any DPF error codes and get you back on the road in no time at all! The professional clean will ensure the soot blockage is cleared so that your vehicle can regenerate via passive or active regeneration automatically, for trouble-free driving.

Stage 1: Pre-Clean Assessment

Initially, we will perform pre-clean checks to assess the blockage and ensure that there are no underlying issues that may result in premature blocking of the DPF after the cleaning service has been completed. We use technologically advanced diagnostic equipment to analyse engine and DPF parameters and we will also check that the DPF sensors are functioning properly. Sometimes a faulty sensor can be the root cause.

Stage 2: Cleaning

Unlike many other garages, we don’t take the filter out of your vehicle. We clean the filter by injecting a carbon dissolving fluid at high pressure. Following this, we then perform a soaking cycle before a further injection is completed while the engine is running at 2500rpm. After the process is complete, the cleaning stage is finalised by a road test, forced regeneration or diagnostic adaption test.

Stage 3: Post Cleaning Checks

Following the cleaning process, we carry out further diagnostic checks to ensure the clean has been successful and compare the DPF back pressure readings with the pre-clean readings. Upon completion, the car is returned to you with a detailed report.

Why has my diesel particulate filter become blocked?

There are many reasons as to why your diesel particulate filter may become blocked or faulty. One of the main culprits is driving short journeys regularly. This is very bad for diesel vehicles because a short journey won’t initiate passive or active regeneration. As a result, excess soot will build up in the filter causing a blockage which will result in the vehicle entering limp mode. Another common cause for DPF failure is a faulty sensor.

What is passive DPF regeneration?

Passive regeneration occurs when the vehicle is driven at a sustained speed for at least 30 minutes. The temperature within the exhaust increases on a long and fast journey, causing the excess soot to burn off.

What is active regeneration?

Active regeneration automatically occurs when the soot gathered on the filter reaches a certain level, usually around 45%. This type of regeneration triggers a fuel injection which causes an increase in exhaust temperature to help to burn off excess soot.

Can a faulty sensor cause DPF failure?

Yes. A faulty DPF filter sensor can trigger a fault code causing the car to go into limp mode. Before cleaning is recommended our technicians will use advanced diagnostics to ensure the issue doesn’t lie with a faulty sensor.

DPF Cleaning Near me

If you are searching for a reputable garage for DPF cleaning in Weston super Mare, contact us to book your vehicle in. We work on all makes and models, so if you have diesel particulate filter problems get in touch today.

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