Blocked DPF? Warning lights and limp mode? We can help!

With our specialist DPF Cleaning equipment and highly trained technicians we are able fully clean a DPF, reset the DPF error codes and get you back on the road within a few hours.

The Cleaning Process

Stage 1 – Pre–Clean Checks

Pre clean checks are designed to ensure the cleaning process will be successful and to ensure there are no underlying issues that could result in premature blocking of the DPF following the cleaning service. Advanced diagnostic equipment is used to check engine and DPF parameters and ensure all DPF related sensors are in good working order

Stage 2 – Cleaning

Unlike other cleaning companies we do not remove the DPF from the vehicle, instead a carbon dissolving fluid is injected into the DPF under high pressure, a soaking cycle is then initiated before a further injection cycle is completed whilst the engine is running at approx. 2500 rpm. The cleaning stage is finalised with a road test and forced regeneration or diagnostic adaption reset.

Stage 3 – Post Clean Checks

Further diagnostic checks are carried out to ensure the clean has been successful, DPF back pressure readings are reordered and compared to the pre clean readings. The cleaning process is now complete and a cleaning report handed to the customer.

DPF Solutions

EGR Removal


Speed Limiter Removal