Speed Limiter Removal Weston super Mare

When cars are manufactured, they are usually fitted with a speed limiter. In addition, many vehicles can have speed limiters applied by a third party at a later date. This is especially true for fleet vehicles and vans. There are two reasons why you may wish to remove or alter the speed restriction. One is to increase speed and the other is to adjust the limit in order to lower the top speed. By altering the ECU parameters, we are able to remove or alter the speed restriction from most vehicles with the intention of achieving either high-speed performance or fuel economy. If you wish to remove the limiter for faster speed, we advise that this is only performed on track racing cars. For further information about our service for speed limiter removal in Weston super Mare, get in touch with the team.

How Do We Remove The Speed Limiter?

Most cars are factory set to deliver a top speed of 120-155mph. While many trucks, vans and fleet vehicles are often restricted to 70mph. Whatever speed your car, van or truck is restricted to, we can remove this for you.

The speed limiter is usually programmed into the ECU upon vehicle manufacture. In some cases, a restrictor is applied post-manufacture to limit the vehicle to the maximum legal driving speed or lower. This is often the case with vans, trucks and fleet vehicles to avoid speeding, increase safety and to lower fuel consumption. We use specialist diagnostic and tuning technology to alter the ECU setting or to remove it completely. To remove the limiter, we will delete the restrictive setting completely. To adjust the limit to reduce the top speed, we reprogram the ECU parameters with new settings to restrict the vehicle. We can also assist with the removal of third party restriction devices.

Adjusting the Top Speed for Economy Driving

If you need to lower the limit for economy driving, we can alter ECU data to limit the top speed. This offers the perfect solution for businesses with fleet vehicles as it can save on fuel costs and emissions.

Removing the Limiter for Enhanced Speed

We recommend that limiter removal is only performed on track racing cars. The top limit set by the manufacturer is applied for a reason. This is because it is the maximum speed the OEM considers suitable to safeguard mechanical components, including the engine. As a result, if the limiter is removed, you must be careful when driving at high speeds. Excessive speed could lead to disastrous mechanical failure. We can provide further advice on this relating to the model of the vehicle you have. So, if you have any questions, just ask.

Is it safe to remove the speed limiter?

Adjusting the limit to a lower maximum speed is completely safe. However, removing the limit completely can cause a risk of mechanical breakdown if the vehicle is pushed past its physical capabilities. 

Can you remove external speed restrictors on vans?

Yes, we can remove external speed restrictors on both vans and cars. Ask the team for more information.

Speed Limiter Removal Near Me

For speed limiter removal in Weston super Mare, please get in touch. We are happy to offer advice and explain the process in detail.

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