Eco Tuning Weston super Mare

Drive down your fuel costs and gain environmentally friendly credentials with our eco tuning in Weston super Mare. We offer this service for a selection of cars with the majority being diesel vehicles. Economy remapping is specifically designed to increase fuel efficiency by adding MPG and saving you money at the pumps. It will also simultaneously add extra power and torque while ensuring the car uses its fuel much more efficiently. When applied in conjunction with DPF and EGR solutions, even greater economy can be achieved. Furthermore, we can offer additional software options where applicable. For more information or to book an economy remap, get in touch for expert assistance.

What is Economy Remapping?

Economy remapping is achieved by re-tuning the ECU parameters so that your car uses fuel more efficiently for enhanced fuel economy. We offer expert advice relating to your vehicle and can recommend tuning packages that include fuel economy as well as tweaks to other parameters. We also offer eco tuning as an individual service.

The fuel savings you can make are estimated to range between 5 – 15%. Although in some cases you may achieve much more. This saving can be substantial if you drive a lot of miles or own a fleet of vehicles.

If you visit an amateur garage for tuning, then it could result in damage to your car if it is not performed properly. This is because altering the ECU data can place additional strain on your engine and other mechanical components, which can result in mechanical failure with sub-standard remapping.

We offer professional remapping and tuning and provide bespoke services tailored to your needs. Furthermore, all remaps come complete with a lifetime software warranty for total peace of mind.

When cars are manufactured, the OEM limits its performance with blanket settings to suit a large region of the world, and they also limit performance to meet the vehicle specification. As a result, the vehicles are not optimised for maximum fuel efficiency because the legal restrictions, driving conditions and other aspects differ from country to country. The only way to unlock the maximum fuel efficiency of your car is to opt for eco tuning.

How Much Does Economy Car Tuning Cost?

We offer a bespoke service, therefore, we do not operate on a ‘one price fits all’ model. We keep our prices competitive, and all our services are performed by highly qualified auto technicians for reliable results. To get a free quote for economy tuning, speak to us today!

Book an Economy Remap Today!

If you like the idea of driving down your fuel costs, then call the team for advice, a free quote and to book an appointment for eco tuning in Weston super Mare.

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