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If you want to unleash the full potential of your vehicle then AAC Performance division can help you achieve this. We are proud to offer above and beyond what normal garages can do, always finding the best and most effective solutions to provide an uncontested professional service. On top of our extensive portfolio of services for specialist remapping in Weston super Mare, our bespoke AAC Performance service is designed to realise the full capabilities of your ride. Offering the latest in high-end performance remapping using the best tuning tools and hardware modifications, we can take your car to the next level and improve its performance beyond belief. To find out more or get a free quote, call us for expert advice and to book an appointment for the best performance remapping in Somerset and the South West!

AAC Performance ECU Remapping

To achieve the maximum performance within your vehicle’s capabilities, our ACC Performance ECU remapping and modification service has a minimum requirement of a Stage 1 tune. Once this is complete, we offer a whole host of performance-enhancing vehicle modifications to take your driving pleasure up a gear.


Car Modifications

Car modifications will push the boundaries of what your vehicle is capable of. Stage 2 tuning and beyond requires hardware modifications and we can supply and fit everything you need. This includes all kinds of mods from top brand sports cats and de-cat pipes, to exhausts, intakes and inter-coolers. Improving engine output is just one aspect of what we have to offer!

Suspension Upgrades

Now it’s time to get serious! Suspension upgrades are essential once you have the power you desire. At AAC Performance we have fitted everything from lowering springs to fully adjustable coilovers. We can advise, supply and fit parts based on your unique requirements. Whether for fast road or full track setups, we know what’s going to work for you and your vehicle. As a Meister R suspension dealer, we can supply, fit and set up premium coilover kits for your car. Big brake conversions to help stop your car are also available. Whatever you need performance-wise, AAC is here to help you optimise your drive.

No, performance tuning is also suitable for road cars. Car manufacturers limit the performance of vehicles to suit their own vehicle spec and regional requirements. Performance modifications such as ECU remapping and additional hardware will unlock the cars true capabilities whether on the road or on the racetrack!

Yes. Remapping is completely legal, but you should be aware that it could affect your insurance premiums and any remaining warranty.

Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty on all software. Hardware modifications also come with guarantees. For more information, just ask.

Our remaps are completely reversible, and all original data are preserved on-site. As a result, if you desire your vehicle to be restored to its original condition for any reason, this can be accomplished. We employ the same method as remapping, but we restore the original data to the engine ECU.

What Tuning Is Best For My Car?

Remap My Car!

If you want extra torque, power, better handling and comfort, then get in touch! We can remap your car to your exact requirements for the ride of your life!

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