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How Does Economy Remapping Increase The Efficiency Of Your Car

Interested in economy remapping? Avon Auto Clinic can help your car reap the benefits of this service. If you’re looking to save on fuel and make your drive more economical, find out how this service can help.

What Is Economy Remapping?

This service involves retuning the ECU (engine control unit). This is essentially a small computer that can give more power to an engine. When a car is made, it is limited with settings from the manufacturer. A trusted garage can overwrite the default settings in an ECU and alter the performance of a vehicle to its full potential. This service has various advantages.

What Are The Benefits?

This procedure will improve the power of a car. This means that it will help better the performance of the vehicle. With a smoother drive and sharper responses, economy remapping can help enhance the running of a car.

The biggest benefit is the boost on fuel efficiency it gives to a car. What the procedure does is increase torque, which will lower the revs needed when driving. This will increase how many miles per gallon you can go, which will help the overall fuel efficiency of a vehicle. With petrol and diesel prices still fluctuating, it may be worth looking into this service.

Not only does economy remapping save you money, but using less fuel helps to reduce your carbon footprint. You could make between 5-15% savings on fuel if you opt for this service. This is especially ideal for fleet vehicles as it could make a large amount of savings.

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If you think economy remapping is for you, then get in touch with our team today. We can help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Ensure you only let a quality car garage make this change. Call us now for a wide range of garage services.

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