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Clutch Repairs | How To Tell When Your Clutch Is Failing

Is your vehicle in need of clutch repairs? This mechanical device connects the engine and transmission, which allows gears to be changed. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and will eventually wear out. Depending on your handling style, they may wear out faster if you drive harshly. Here are some signs that you may need to visit a garage:

Spongey Feel

The first sign of a dodgy pedal is that it doesn’t feel right. If it feels spongy or if it’s sticking, there’s typically a problem that needs to be fixed. As it should disengage and engage when pressed, it’s important that it feels like it’s working. 

Weird Noises

Any grinding, squeaking or rattling noises isn’t a good sign when it comes to car health. This usually indicates that something isn’t running smoothly and should be looked at immediately. Clutch repairs are often needed if they are found to be rattling. 

Gear Trouble

If you are having problems when it comes to changing gears, you may need to visit a garage. This could be down to a gearbox problem, however difficulties shifting gear could also require clutch repairs.

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Change In Biting Point Requires Clutch Repairs

If you’ve had your car for a while, then you should know where the biting point usually is. Each vehicle is different but over time you will get familiar with where this is. If you notice it getting higher over time, this may be sign that it is wearing away and close to needing a replacement.

Burning Smell

The smell of burning when driving is always alarming. If it happens frequently when changing gears, then it is usually a sign that there’s a problem. It is likely that this is due to a worn-down plate that is overheating.

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Contact Avon Auto Clinic Today For Clutch Repairs

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems, call us today. Our friendly team offer many garage services to ensure your car runs smoothly. Contact our Weston-Super-Mare garage now.

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