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How Speed Limiters Can Increase The Safety Of Fleet Vehicles

Speed limiters are a useful tool to ensure your company cars are not exceeding the speed limit or overworking their engines. Additionally, a limit can also help increase safety for those driving.

To assist you in protecting your assets and the people working for you, we’ve crafted this handy guide to highlight the safety benefits of speed limiters.

Prevent Accidents With Speed Limiters

The most important and functional feature of speed limiters is the ability to control how fast your fleet vehicles are travelling. Limits are set throughout the UK for good reason, they dictate the flow of traffic and slow it down in high-risk areas.

British law enforces speed limits indiscriminately to ensure the safety of road users and has decided upon 70mph as the max speed for cars to prevent high-speed crashes. An accident that occurs in excess of 70mph has the potential to be catastrophic and life-threatening, so it’s important all road users abide by this.

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However, as a business owner, you can guarantee the prevention of accidents above this limit by installing speed limiters in your fleet vehicles. As a result, you can rest assured knowing none of your employees are putting themselves or other drivers at unnecessary risk.

Saving Your Business Cost By Limiting Speed

An additional benefit of installing speed limiters in your fleet vehicles is the savings that can be made on unnecessary costs. Exceeding the stated limit of speed in an area comes with a hefty fine if caught. Not only this but there is potential damage both mechanically and aesthetically that accompanies excessive speed.

Speeding Fines

The minimum fine for speeding is £100 and 3 points on your license. These can add up to a costly amount. Additionally, should your driver receive too many points, they could be looking at a driving ban. If a license is required to carry out their work this could result in a turnover of employees which can ultimately cost a business in the long term.

Mechanical Issues

Another benefit of speed limiters is they prevent an overworked engine. If a vehicle is driving at high speeds, consistently, overrevving can eventually cause internal mechanical issues. The longer your fleet vehicles stay in the garage being repaired, the more they cost in the long run. Additionally, a vehicle that is out of action is no longer profitable.

Accidental Damage

This aspect is the biggest threat to cost for a business fleet owner. If your cars are travelling at high speeds, they have a higher potential to crash. By installing a speed limiter you’re directly preventing a higher chance of accidental damage. Often, damage of this nature can result in the car being written off, which goes without saying is not very cost-effective.

Get In Touch With Avon Auto Clinic To Discuss Speed Limiters

If you’re interested in speed limiters for your fleet of vehicles, then contact the experts at Avon Auto Clinic. We have years of experience modifying vehicles with our state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled mechanics to ensure all work carried out on your vehicles is to the greatest standard.

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