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Our MOT Checklist

MOT testing is a mandatory assessment that your vehicle must go through every year. If you’ve got a test coming up, then you may be wondering how you can prepare for it, to avoid any failures or unnecessary time spent. With this in mind, we’ve created an MOT checklist so you know what to assess before your test. This way, you can be prepared.

What Is An MOT & Why Is It Important?

An MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, and is a compulsory vehicle test that your car must go through every year to ensure it maintains safety and emissions standards. It’s important because not only does it keep fumes and unwanted emissions to a minimum, it also protects you as a driver and those around you. The safety features are extremely important in the rare case of an accident, and it’s crucial they’re maintained and kept in working order.


Exterior Checks

Before your vehicle goes in for MOT testing, it’s important to check for exterior elements that may cause an unnecessary failure. These are:


You can check the tread depth and inflation of your tyres yourself with a twenty-pence piece. Simply slip it next to the tread, or measure it to ensure it’s 1.6mm or more (the width of a 20p). If your tyres are worn out, you can replace them ahead of time to ensure they don’t cause your vehicle to not pass its MOT.


Your lights are essential for night time driving. That’s why they’re a critical part of MOT testing. Brightness, angle and bulb health will all be assessed to ensure you can see other road users and they can see you. Before an MOT test, you can check your lights are working properly by turning them on and assessing them. If any bulbs are out, it’s fairly simple to replace them, just consult your owner’s manual. This way, it can be one less thing to worry about for an MOT failure.

Engine Checks

Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge amount you can check when it comes to the engine aspect of MOT testing. However, what you can do is check fluid levels. Specifically, the oil, water, brake fluid and windscreen wiper fluids. Not all of these are a mandatory check during an MOT. However, they are critical to vehicle health, so it’s a good idea to make sure they’re topped up.

Get In Touch With Avon Auto Clinic For MOT Testing

If you need an MOT test, then contact the team at Avon Auto Clinic. We’re fully qualified, experienced and equipped to test any vehicle to ensure you stay safe on the road. For more information, give us a call today.

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