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The Benefits Of Car Remapping

Car remapping can provide a wide range of performance benefits to your vehicle. Often the advantages are limited to use on private tracks and not on public roads. However, if you’re interested in modifying your car to a performance standard, then remapping may be a perfect service.

To help emphasise the benefits of ECU tuning, we’ve written this brief overview to clarify and aid your decision.

What Is Car Remapping?

Car remapping is the process of adjusting the software installed in your vehicle’s engine by the manufacturer. Often, the factory default settings are limited to adhere to noise and speed regulations on UK roads.

At Avon Auto Clinic, we use high-end equipment to alter the software in your vehicle to help it achieve its full potential. It’s important you use a trusted expert for all your remapping needs, as poor adjustments can result in damage to your vehicle.

Improving Performance With Car Remapping

If you’re interested in higher performance within your vehicle, then car remapping is ideal. Usually, these improvements are best seen on the racetrack. However, they can provide benefits on public roads too, if driven safely and to UK standards.

More Control

ECU tuning can be utilized to adjust the response times of your steering and engine. Not only this, but by modifying the software to prioritise acceleration boost and control, you’ll find your vehicle is not only quicker to move, but faster to respond too.

Optimum Power

It’s common practice for manufacturers to limit the speed your car can reach. Remapping is used to remove limits and optimize performance without sacrificing the health and safety of you and your vehicle. Car remapping can not only increase acceleration but allow for a higher top-end speed.

Remap Your Vehicle For Better Fuel Economy

Another fantastic benefit of car remapping is the adjustments that can be made for fuel consumption. The process of changing the software parameters can result in more efficient fuel use, limiting waste and producing a better mile-per-gallon. With rising fuel costs, ECU tuning can help you fight back against the costs inflicted on us as every year passes. So, not only can remapping improve your car’s performance, but it can save you money in the process, too.

Choose Avon Auto Clinic For Professional Car Remapping

Our top-of-the-line garage is equipped with only the best machinery and software to ensure any ECU tuning carried out by our expert mechanics is performed to the highest quality. If you’re looking for professionals who offer competitive prices, then get in touch with Avon Auto Clinic today.

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