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The Importance Of Professional Car Servicing

Car servicing is key to maintaining a healthy vehicle, and with transportation playing such a vital role in modern-day life, it’s more important to ensure it always functions smoothly.

At Avon Auto Clinic, we understand how much you rely on your car. As a result, we’ve put together this brief guide on the importance of professional car servicing, to help you understand the utility of a well-maintained vehicle.

What Does A Vehicle Service Consist Of?

Car servicing includes a variety of checks and low-cost replacements to ensure your car works efficiently. Not only does a professional service catch any issues before they arise, but it guarantees parts are monitored and replaced to prevent strain on other components within your vehicle.

  • Engine oil drain and replace
  • Replacement oil filter
  • Light check
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Assessment of bodywork and rust
  • Brake testing
  • Battery health monitor
  • Fluid top ups for steering, brake and coolant
  • Air filter replacement



Why Is Car Servicing So Important

Servicing your car can be broken down into two categories, maintenance and prevention.

Maintenance involves the replacement of features such as oil filters and prevention involves the various checks on the safety elements of your car. Together, they play an extremely important role in your vehicle’s health.

Furthermore, by regularly replacing hard-wearing components such as engine oil, you’re enabling a fluid and smooth system. By monitoring the preventative aspects of your vehicle’s health such as the brakes, you’re catching any issues as they appear, so they don’t result in injury to the driver or further damage to the car itself.

Qualities Of Competent Car Servicing

When looking for a professional mechanic to carry out your car servicing, it’s important you consider a few vital characteristics to ensure they not only install quality work but value the health and safety of you and your vehicle.


A reliable garage should have a reputation that proceeds them from years of high-quality work and satisfied customers. We recommend you check out their online reviews or speak to past clients to better understand their work ethic and ability.


Competent mechanics understand the importance of good communication. If you need your vehicle daily like most of us do, then you’re going to want to be kept updated throughout the process. This can be assessed from the very beginning. Your garage should be clear, punctual, and offer free quotes or advice.

Competitive Prices

Nobody likes overpaying, and this is true for car servicing too. We advise you to look around at other mechanics’ pricing and make an educated decision based on cost and quality of work. It’s important to mention that just because the garage charges the least, doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Poor servicing could result in costing you more further down the line.

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Choose Avon Auto Clinic For Reliable Car Servicing

Get in touch with Avon Auto Clinic if you value reliable, expert car servicing at competitive prices. We offer free quotes and professional advice to ensure your car is well-maintained and running efficiently.

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