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What To Do If The MOT Garage Doesn’t Pass Your Vehicle

When you visit an MOT garage, there’s always a worry that it may not pass. The annual test is compulsory for most drivers. Your vehicle is important for getting around, so it can be quite an inconvenience if it fails the roadworthy test. However, you don’t need to panic yet as it’s quite common for vehicles to fail the first attempt. Here’s what to do when that happens:

Vehicle Repairs

If an MOT garage doesn’t pass your vehicle, then the best and most simple route forward is to fix any problems straightaway. The vehicle needs to be deemed roadworthy in order to pass, so repairs will need to be carried out to make sure the car or van is up to standards. If your vehicle failed the test, you can let the garage repair the issues there and then and retest for a pass. Depending on the severity of the faults, this won’t take that long.

Understanding The Results

There are 3 categories of faults that can be identified by an MOT garage. The first are ‘minor’ which aren’t serious enough to fail the test, but you should get them repaired. The second is ‘major’, which will fail a test and should be fixed immediately. ‘Danergous’ defects make the vehicle unroadworthy and it is then illegal to drive it on the road.

If your current certificate is still valid, then you could take your vehicle to another garage to get it fixed. This can only be done if no ‘dangerous’ problems were found in the test. However, it may be easier to take your car or van directly to an MOT garage that can carry out the test and fix any problems there and then.

Get In Touch With Our MOT Garage Today

At Avon Auto Clinic, we provide a quality service that can help carry out all the checks and repairs needed. Our team can help with an array of issues to help keep your car roadworthy. Contact us today for a hassle-free test.

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