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What’s Different About Electric Car Servicing?

With the world slowly moving towards the electric car, you may be wondering what’s different when it comes to servicing. With a completely different engine, there are some integral aspects that differ from traditional engines. We cover this in more detail with this guide.

What Is Car Servicing?

Car servicing is the routine maintenance of a vehicle to keep it fully operational at all times. As we rely on our cars for most day to day activities, it’s important to keep a vehicle in shape. A service will check the engine health, fluid levels and general maintenance of moving parts to achieve this.

Traditional Vehicle Servicing

Traditional car servicing tends to assess elements such as oil and water levels, along with tyres, brakes and other regularly used components, to ensure your vehicle stays in good health. Aspects such as brake pads, oil changes and tyre replacements are all standard when it comes to vehicle servicing. However, you may be wondering how an electric car differs from a normal vehicle. We cover this in more detail below.

an electric vehicle engine

How Electric Car Servicing Is Different

The two main differences between an electric car and a normal vehicle are the battery, and the parts connected to it. The classic combustion engine is made up of a lot more moving parts, and is more prone to wear and tear. An electric car however, is made up of two main components, these are:


A professional technician will check the health of your car’s battery during routine car servicing. Aspects such as capacity, general health and structural integrity will be looked at and assessed to ensure everything is working properly, and optimally.

Power Management

The second most important part of electric car servicing is the power management. This is split between the technical aspects such as charging cables, plug connections and ports. Additionally, most electric vehicles come with software which manages elements such as energy management and regenerative braking. A technician will plug your car in and ensure this is working properly to ensure the electric vehicle is safe and functioning as it should.

Choose Avon Auto Clinic for Electric Car Servicing

For electric car servicing, get in touch with Avon Auto clinic. Our technicians are trained, knowledgeable and fully equipped to take care of your electric vehicle. To book a slot, or find out more, give us a call today.

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